Silent ~ making no sound; quiet; still: a silent forest.

Season ~ One of the four periods of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, but geographically at different dates in different climates.

Silent Season is a music label influenced by the natural surroundings in British Columbia, Canada.

The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world.

We distribute music through high quality downloads, short run CDs and limited vinyl, using recycled materials when possible.

Sharing a vision with a family of artists from around the world, we hope you enjoy what you hear.

Sit back, close your eyes and listen.


Edanticonf ‎– The Boundary of Nowhere Land [SSV06]

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Segue ‎– Pacifica [SSV05]

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Refracted ‎– Along A Ghostly Trail [SSV04]

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Edanticonf ‎– Planet [SSV03]

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STL & Djorvin Clain ‎– Beats Of Spirit [SSV02]

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Full Circle Compilation [SSV01]

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Yuka - Episodes of Yesterday [SS19]
"Episodes Of Yesterday has four organic, subdued techno cuts, all made better—and all tied together—by Yuka's found sounds. Tastefully used, they give the release a warm and personal feel. First track "Drumkot" sounds like a departure point, its humming 4/4 kick and sonorous clatters seeming to pass by the voices that occasionally pop into focus, while "First Zoom" keeps moving forward with broken-beat drums, soft but insistent 16th-note motifs and swirling bird calls. "Umrao Is Waiting" is sublime. It's got dense, syncopated kicks and a resonant throb playfully filling up the low-end, and its voices are again fleeting, as lightly teased drones give way to beeping bits of melody and, finally, a rainstorm at the end. Last track "Akasha," whose half-time percussion comes overlaid with a small swarm of birds and tweaked electronics, winds things down with a faintly sinister edge."
The Wandering Compilation [SSCD06]
In celebration of 50 releases we are offering the Wandering Compilation as a free download. We hope you enjoy!

ASC - Truth Be Told [SSCD15]
"There's a stillness to Clements' ambient composition that matches Silent Season's preoccupation with nature. These tracks are like field recordings from some imaginary world. There are rustles here and there, and implacable distant noises—carefully built ecosystems are contained within each one. Clements is a master of creating moods and setting scenes: "Hall Of The Gods" evokes a massive space with its yawning melodies, while the airy "Lucent Vessel" sends a chill through the room." Read More
Mind Over Midi - Polyphony [SSE01]
This special edition CD is constructed of thick black 18pt French Muscletone 100% recycled paper. The jacket is letterpressed with the Silent Season tree in silver metallic ink. Hand assembled, stamped and numbered. Each package includes a Silent Season sticker sent with love from Canada. Read More
ASC - Time Heals All [SSCD14]
"This is one of the best ambient albums I've heard in a long time. What defines good ambient music is, of course, a matter of taste, but I find too often "ambient" means long-winded pieces with nothing to grab onto. Here, however, we get 18 tracks and two hours of gorgeous ambience that includes melody, texture, and occasional percussive elements. "I Share My Secrets With You" is a definite stand-out for its instantly memorable wordless female vocal hook, but every track here has a personality of its own. The album is well-paced, with tracks ranging from 3-8 minutes, so it never gets dull or overwhelming, despite its two-disc scope (I wish "Array" had been longer, but that's the one fault I can pick out). The cover shows a close-up picture of the moon, and nothing could be more appropriate; listening to this album is like floating in space, adrift from the earth, with all the beauty and melancholy that scenario entails. It seems destined to be an ambient classic, already fetching high prices online due to its limitation of 350 copies, and that status is certainly well-deserved."
Segue - Pacifica [SSCD13]
"Like most of Silent Season's beautifully decorated releases, Pacifica is consumed by nature—immense, enveloping nature. It's a tendency common in dub techno: the never-ending quest to capture the sublime. Of course, in the search to encapsulate the rumblings of the planet and the vast shifting of the tides, a lot of it ends up sounding stuffy and self-serious. But with the opener of Canadian producer Jordan Sauer's fourth album, it's immediately obvious that his approach is a little more down to earth than most. "West Coast Rain" eases the album into a lush landscape that's every bit as awe-inspiring, yet strangely inviting, as the incredible scene pictured on the cover."
ASC - The Light That Burns Twice As Bright [SSCD11]
"James Clements, better known as ASC, will release an ambient album later this month called The Light That Burns Twice As Bright. The album shows Clements continuing to push the limits of his own style. His usual forte is drum & bass, but even there he rejects the status quo in favor of "the Autonomic sound," i.e. the open-ended style defined by D-Bridge and Instra:mental's erstwhile podcast series—or as Clements puts it, "drum & bass that doesn't sound like drum & bass." On The Light That Burns Twice As Bright he leaves the drums behind altogether, with ten compositions of droning ambiance. The record will be his first on Silent Season, a label whose sound is inspired by its secluded home in the rain forests of Vancouver Island."
Djorvin Clain - Pattern of Thought [SSCD12]
This is album is currently unavailable.
Adam Michalak - Returning to Essence [SSD10]
Michael Mantra - Mountain / Stream [SSD09]
Mindspan - The Second Cycle [SSD08]
Edanticonf - Forest Echo [SSD07]
Sowing Paranoia - Research Music Lab - [SSD06]
Sonitus Eco - It Is Loneliness That Makes The Loudest Noise - [SSD05]
Federsen - Echo Relics [SSD04]
Purl - Deep Ground [SSD03]
Axs - Arctic Circle [SSD02]
Alteria Percepsyne - Intangible Flutter [SSD01]
Blazej Malinowski - Factors [SS18]
wzrdryAV - Octophase Meditation EP [SS17]
Martin Nonstatic - Autumn Movement [SS16]
Sub​.​Made & Kyle Erich Schulz - Long Distance ep [SS15]
Back Catalog [SS14-SS01]
We are in the process of remastering our earlier catalog for release in lossless audio format Winter 2015.


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