Night Sea   [ STILL ]

Night Sea is honoured to present their first LP to the Silent Season family. The album is the culmination of a two-year journey playing with the relationship between sound, repetition, and impermanence. The slowly evolving musical landscapes of Still are an invitation to slow down and explore the ever-changing facets of one’s experience.

The Still album special edition transparent 2x12" vinyl and digital formats at Bandcamp.

[ About the album ]

Oakland-based duo Night Sea have been slipping out their gauzy strain of ambient electronica for a few years now, primarily operating as a self-reliant outlet. Their link up with Silent Season makes perfect sense though, as their vast, slow-rolling clouds of drone and gently progressive dub processing merge with occasional hints of rhythm. This combination is best sensed on "HDSB" with its slender set of percussion and expressive sweeps of synth work. Ably gliding between purist ambient and intriguing beat-oriented hybrids, Night Sea add a worthwhile and wholly appropriate next chapter onto the ever-winding seemingly bottomless Silent Season story.

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[ Press ]

"Nomen est omen for the new album on Silent Season, a haven of ambient therapy since many years. The excitement of a tranquil sea lies in its uneventful state, when it mirrors the setting sun or rising moon and hardly anything moves and changes. The same impressions come up with “Still” that explores the surroundings via slow-paced dub techno and ambient textures."
Terminal 313

"Next up on the reputable Canadian label Silent Season is an ambient dub long-player by an American duo – Night Sea. Still is a lustrous example of the label’s ongoing journey towards music that is rich with emotions and impressions of nature. Through its course, effervescent atmospheres and dubby pulses flow side by side, painting a picture of a misty terrain for the solitary wanderers."
Vinyl Factory

"This is Oakland duo Night Sea's first time releasing on the illustrious Silent Season label, but their sound—dub, techno, ambient—is tailor-made for the Vancouver Island imprint. The beats tend to be muffled and patient, while the melodies are propulsive but subtle. The way the duo build their backdrops, however, is the real prize here."
Resident Advisor

[ Bandcamp ]

"An exquisite album from start to finish! Favorite track: Manila."


"An excellent deep ambient dub listening experience! Another quality Silent Season release. Favorite track: Grand Bleu."

David Gorrod

"This release is to date my fav Album of 2020 Favorite track: Manila."


"Heady yet soothing dubby ambient techno that recharges the mind or body after a nice party. 5/5 this slaps. Favorite track: Small Bird."

Daniel Kim

"Stunning ambient deep techno. one of the best releases of the year. What a gem from a talented new group. Favorite track: Cherry."

Paul Crary

"I love that kind of music who enable to quit your body and travel all around the universe. The vibration is high frequency and make you feel reborn again. Particularly Grand bleu who remind you when you were still light before to enter in the physical world! Congratulations Johan and David."


[ Credits ]

Written and produced by Johan Ismael & David Grunzweig

This album is dedicated to Betty and Cassius for their inspiring resilience, and Glenda for her constant support.

Released Spring 2020
Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio
Design and layout by Jamie McCue
Vinyl distributed by Juno Records
Digital at Bandcamp
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Silent Season 2020