Mystica Tribe

Island Oasis

A special album created by Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe from Tokyo, Japan. Island Oasis is made up of 8 dubbed out tracks that reverberate through the forests from Japan to Canada and beyond. Drift along with the undercurrent of organic rhythms and bass guided by the melodies of the live melodica. The album features an analogue mix down and mastering on tape through a Studer A80, ½ inch tape machine by Stefan Betke of Scape Mastering. Island Oasis is available on colour vinyl, limited CD, and digital formats.

It's the Japanese producer's first appearance on the long-running Canadian label, which usually specializes in dub techno and ambient. This time, the focus is on pure dub, part of a new series and eventual spin-off label for Silent Season. Label boss Jamie McCue and Noda became friends shortly after the latter's debut release, Meditation Stick, in 2011, and Noda had wanted to make a "live-feeling" dub record, and the making of it included a trip from Japan to Canada to soak in the natural surroundings that have had such an influence on Silent Season. - Resident Advisor

Mystica Tribe


Mystica Tribe is the musical alias of Tokyo-based producer, Taka Noda. Drawing on a wide range of influences – from dub, soul, bass music, rhythm and blues – Mystica Tribe has quickly been developing a very distinctive sound that exists in a weird, freaked out zone between dub and techno. Noda is especially interested in deep, psychedelic music, and this is reflected in his productions, which are equally suited for late night listening sessions or bent, broken in dancefloors. His first track, "Meditation Stick", was released in 2011 on Dutch label SD Records, backed by two remixes from label owners Syncom Data. This was followed by two more EPs on SD Records in 2013: "Stars are Mine" and "Flowers". Artists like Gilles Peterson and 2562 have supported these well-received releases, and his track "His Temple" recently appeared on Pangaea’s Fabric Live 73 mix CD. In 2014, Noda is launching his own label, Mystica Tribe Records, through which he plans to continue developing his uniquely psychedelic take on dub and techno. His recent EP, "Lizard", was released on his label in 2014. "Jade Eye" was released on his label in 2016.

Available at Juno Records & Bandcamp

Written & produced by Taka Noda
Mastered by Stefan Betke, Scape Mastering
Vinyl distribution by Juno Records
Fairy Bonsai photo by Danthon

Silent Season 2017