~ Truth Be Told ~

After how well-received Time Heals All was, I already knew I was going to write a follow-up.  I had in mind that I would build upon the themes and ideas of the previous album and try to expand upon them slightly, while trying to retain everything that made Time Heals All so special.  Truth Be Told is 9 short stories based around love, depression, fantasy and my ever on-going fixation with science fiction.  I hope you find this album as rich and rewarding as the experience I had making it. - James Clements

Written, produced and mastered by James Clements

Released on Silent Season May 2014

Available in the high-quality format of your choice (CD, FLAC, and MP3)

400 CDs created in our traditional recycled jacket, color insert, stickers, hand numbered, and sent with love from Canada. The CD is now sold out.

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"James Clements' 2010 album Nothing Is Certain not only rejuvenated the San Diego producer's career, but more importantly it started him down a winding path of musical exploration. By now he's moved on from drum & bass to something more open-ended, a style marked by cinematic atmospheres and mournful melodies. He's also reignited his passion for ambient (a style he's been dabbling in since well before Nothing Is Certain), signing to BC's Silent Season and now delivering his third full-length for the label in as many years. It's telling that Clements doesn't use another alias for this work—Truth Be Told really does sound like ASC, only collapsed and disintegrated." - Resident Advisor