Purl ~ Stillpoint

At the center of us is a focal point of consciousness
Perfectly still, yet vibrant with life
This is our natural state
Ever at peace, yet ever expanding
Ever at peace 
In knowing that being can never cease to be
Thus there is no death
Only eternal life
Ever expanding 
In knowing that eternity is never done
We are in continuous motion towards what lies beyond
Across endless new horizons

~ Ludvig Cimbrelius 2015 ~

Ludvig Cimbrelius, who also records as Alveol, Eternell and Rust, among other aliases, has kept the Purl name for the more ambient side of his dubby techno. He first appeared on the British Columbia imprint with 2010's Deep Ground, and Stillpoint marks his first release for Silent Season since, after racking up a few albums on Dewtone Recordings and Post Global. A magical aural journey of dubby, ethereal, lightly groovy and lush beautiful sounds... music as a doorway to the eternal. RA

Thank you to everyone who supported Stillpoint and purchased a CD. The CDs are now sold out.

350 limited edition CDs available in the traditional Silent Season recycled jacket. Each CD includes a color insert, stickers, stamped, hand numbered, and sent with love from Vancouver Island.

As this is a handmade release your patience is golden.
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"Purl is otherworldliness in music. I am completely transported to new plateaus inwardly and outwardly immersed in Purl's sounds. Purl is a constant in my studio, and inspires my creativity." - Bandcamp Fan

"Undoubtedly one of the best albums this year. The perfect mix of bright ambient lines, subtle drums, beautiful field recordings and immersive bass lines, showing Purl's endless skills doing what he does best." - Warmth

"Stillpoint is a beautiful album from start to finish, and easily justified being a day one purchase. It's sweeping deep ambient techno is beautiful to behold throughout its entire run, with personal favourite tracks being the title track and Inre Sken." - Bandcamp Fan

"This album is the pinnacle of Ludvig's productions not only under his moniker Purl but generally. This is like a fresh summer breeze entering through the open windows of your beach house, listening to the rippling shore break. Wonderfully arranged tracks somewhat organic and floating with a pinch of melancholy. Don't want to pick one track only, the whole album is a lifetime experience. One of the best I heard this year and in recent years. Thank you Jamie and Ludvig for the release!" - Northernshore

Produced by Ludvig Cimbrelius
Mastered by Stefan Betke Scape Mastering
Photography and video by Danthon
[SSCD17] Silent Season 2015

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Silent Season 2015